Saturday, March 4, 2017

The road trip stop Dunedin

And we were off to experience the Southern areas of the South Island of New Zealand. From Kaikoura, we drove all the way down to Dunedin where we spent our next night. It was almost a 7 hour drive without stops. Knowing this we grabbed some breakfast and headed out! We had a few planned stops along the way including the Moeraki Boulders and Tunnel Beach.

While in Dunedin we planned on seeing the Railway Station and going to Cadbury World. We didn't have a very long time in Dunedin because we left late the next morning for Catlins.

Tunnel Beach

The stairs to get down to the beach

We finally made it to the lovely Dunedin Holiday Park. When booking our accommodation, my sister and I were not quite sure what a holiday park was. We figured it was a cheap motel, for those backpacking through cities. This was our first of two holiday parks, and I can now tell you it is a building with one room that has a couple beds, a table and maybe a night stand or other shelving. It does not have its own bathroom. The bathroom is located somewhere in the park and is shared by all of the visitors. OH and this one in Dunedin didn't even come with its own sheets. We had to go back to the office and ask for some, which costed an additional $6 per bed... lol.

The Dunedin Railway Station

Dunedin Cadbury World! Mmmmmm!

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