Friday, March 3, 2017

Kaikoura Expeditions

Our next expedition was North to Kaikoura. It was about a two hour, scenic drive from Christchurch.

This was a stunning place we stopped along the way to Kaikoura. I honestly have no idea what city it was or the name of the area. There was a small overnight trailer parking lot that we stopped at to walk down and take some photos.

After arriving in Kaikoura, settling in to our hotel and soaking in the views that we would be seeing for the next two days, we set out for a hike...

I found this hike about a month earlier while googling hikes on the South island of New Zealand. It was a hike up and along the Kaikoura Pennisula. The entire trail goes for about 7 miles, but we started at one end, South Bay, and went up to the top to the view point and walked around and came back down. Then drove to the other end, Point Kean, and went to the top there and came back down. If you do the entire thing you will start at one these ends (pictured below) and finish at the other one.

South Bay

View Point
Point Kean

First View Point

 Second View Point

And then it was time for some grub.... fish and chips of course! Followed by a sunset on the beach.
One thing you CANNOT go to Kaikoura without doing is whale watching, dolphin watching, or better yet... swimming with dolphins. Yeah thats right, you can swim in the open Pacific cean with a pod of energetic, playful dolphins! Heaven? 

1, 2, 3 selfie!

Some final pictures of this amazing town.

Sea Lion Spotting!

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