Friday, February 24, 2017

The Long Flight Awaits

I had been on long flights before to places oversees in Europe, but I had never experienced a flight as long as 13 straight hours. And for someone who DOES NOT sleep on flights... oh and I've tried... I was not looking forward to this. We departed from the LAX airport at 11:30PM, due to the significant time difference between California and New Zealand (NZ is 21 hours ahead).

The flight was actually not nearly as dreadful as I anticipated it to be. I ended up getting about 5 hours of off and on shut eye (amazing!) mostly due to it being an overnight flight but also my new neck pillow, purchased at the LAX airport for what I hate to admit $40... but in the end it was worth every penny. If you have a long flight ahead and want to check it out, it is called the Memory Foam Evolution Travel Pillow. So comfy!

The food on the flight was really pretty good, and needless to say I felt a long workout was necessary after sitting, eating, watching tv, sleeping, eating again, reading, more get the point.



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