Friday, February 24, 2017

Los Angeles Stay

Knowing that the journey to New Zealand and eventually Australia was going to be a long one, a stop in Los Angeles along the way seemed like the way to go. My sister was accompanying me on my travels, which meant a flight from not the middle of the States like me, but from DC on the East Coast. My mom then came along for the ride on what came known as our "girls trip."

We took off from the Omaha airport right at 7AM, landing in LA by 9AM. After retrieving our luggage and me saying "I'm sorry its really heavy" multiple times about my suitcase, we made it to our hotel where we would be spending the next two nights. We didn't have a set schedule of things to do, but decided to just see the city and have a relaxing few days.

Day One: Los Angeles City Bus Tour
-sites included the Beverly Hills, Farmers Market, Hollywood Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, Paramount Studios, Venice Beach

Day Two: Santa Monica Pier, shopping, and good eats


Day Three: Hollywood Walk of Fame and attempted Hollywood sign hike

I say attempted hike to the Hollywood sign, because being the day my sister and I left for New Zealand and my mom back to Iowa we didn't have a whole lot of time to spare. Long story short, our Uber driver dropped us off at the wrong location, it took awhile to find a new ride, so we ended up settling for a tasty brunch instead. There's always next time, right? lol.
I had to visit Mariska Hargitay's
star being a huge Law and Order
SVU fan. 18th season, woo!

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