Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Study Abroad

Ahhh, the dreaded first blog post.

Well, I'll start by saying that my name is Shelby and I am starting this blog in the hope of writing about my adventures abroad. I will be continuing my studies of Kinesiology (and for those of you reading asking yourself, "what the heck is that," you are not alone). Kinesiology is the study of movement. I plan to pursue a career in the medical field as a Physician Assistant, and they have this option through my university at home, Iowa State University where I am in my third year.

When choosing a place to study abroad, I took this very seriously (as though there could be a bad decision???). I've been fortunate enough to have traveled to a few places in Europe and the UK so I knew I wanted a new adventure. When talking to my academic advisor, the locations with courses that best suited my major were England, Australia, and New Zealand. I was pleased with these choices, as Australia and New Zealand have been places I have been dying to visit. Also, the fact that they all speak English was an added bonus! My sister lived in Scotland for a year, and I had visited her then so I immediately ruled out England in the search for something more unique and dissimilar than where I have traveled. I ended up choosing Australia as my place of study, for its gorgeous weather and beaches. Because... Iowa is landlocked and cold 1/3 of the year so this was a no brainer. Either way, I knew I would be visiting both as they are only a short 3 hour plane ride from one another.

I will be attending school at The University of Newcastle in Newcastle, Australia. It is located on the East coast, a 3 hour train ride North of Sydney. I couldn't be more excited for the adventures, travels and unique experiences to come. Stayed tuned and follow my path here!

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