Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Australian Reptile Park Trip

I'M BACKKKK. It has been forever since I have blogged. I've been incredibly busy with assessments for school and absent traveling, but now I will be staying put for the next few weeks to finish uni!

This blog covers my trip to the Australian Reptile Park. I went with a group of students through the International club, UNESN. It was my first time seeing and petting koalas and kangaroos up close, and I even got a selfie with one of the kangaroos...so it was a pretty great day. We were lucky enough to have our own tour guide, so we got to go into the koala cage and learned a lot of information about the animals in the park. As for the kangaroos, they were just roaming free, being cute in the middle of the park.

Baby roo poking its head out of the pouch

It turns out kangaroos are just like a really poorly behaved dog when
it comes to food. This one would not let Sam eat her apple, he wanted
to help out. I mean... look at that face.


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